Destination: Experience A Deeper,
Authentic Connection With Women

Who Should Do This Course?

This course is perfect for you if you desire any of the following:

* You wish to have more confidence approaching women
* You have been hurt by a woman and want to be able to trust again
* You want to date someone you are attracted to
* You want to understand women better
 * You constantly have short term relationships only and desire a lasting one
* You can't get past the first few dates and want to step into a relationship
* You get the first date but want to be able to get the second date
* You want to understand body language both yours and hers
* You want to make a woman happy however have no idea how to do that
* You are tired of the games and want deeper authentic connections
* You have patterns of choosing the wrong women and want to choose right
* You attract women you are not interested in dating and desire to date different ones
* You want to stop self sabotaging any chance at a relationship
* You want lasting happiness with a long term partner
* You are tired of pretending to be someone you're not and want to be just you

Google Maps, The Journey

To plot a map to our destination, we must know our current location and what resources we need to get us there in good time.

There will be road blocks, traffic jams, breakdowns and poor weather and we need to think about how we will handle these challenges.

Desired Destination: Who do I want to be? Someone to engage with women authentically with honesty and integrity

Current Location: Who am I? Why am I single?

Journey: What resources do I need?

CAVEAT: Everything I change must be in order to get to my destination. If it’s not, don’t do it!


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Tell Me More About What To Expect?

* 8 weekly modules including MP3/MP4 recordings and downloadable printable worksheets emailed direct to you each Monday morning.
* 2 on-line support webinars hosted by Jane Donovan to answer your questions during the course.
* Audio recording of webinars emailed to you for future listening and referencing.
* Do the course at your own pace.
* Experience change in all areas of your life, not just with dating and relationships with women

What are the costs?

8 weekly modules including MP3/MP4 recordings
downloadable printable work sheets
2 on-line support webinars with the Love Doctor, Jane Donovan
Total course cost $495 AU.
However book in today to receive a $50 early bird specially bringing the course price to $445 AU.

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Who is Jane Donovan?

Clients call her ‘The Magician’, radio stations call her the ‘Love Doctor’ and ‘Love Guru’, however Jane describes herself as a love, happiness, dating and relationship coach who works for the love gods.

Jane is the author of two books on love, Thoughts on Love, Life and all that Jazz and How To Get the Date. She has appeared on weekly and regular radio segments on Fresh FM, SAFM, Power FM, LAFM, Triple M, The 3pm Pick Up, Melbourne Talk Radio, Mix 102, Mix 107 and FiveAA. She has appeared on Today Tonight, Channel 10 and the ABC and in the Sunday Mail, Advertiser, Innerself Magazine, Elle Magazine and Daily News. Jane also  formerly co-hosted the ACRA-nominated radio show, mind-body-spirit ‘Soul Sistas’, which was broadcast on 20+ stations Australia-wide.

Jane co-hosts a weekly podcast called Love-Life which has become  i-tunes Australia's top emotional health podcast show and is heard in around 70 countries weekly including on Speak-Up Talk Radio in America.

Jane is a matchmaker and owns Adelaide’s leading social club for single people, Social 8 where over the past 10 years, over 3000 people have engaged her services. Jane hosts regular public seminars and webinars and is available as a private coach, For more information, or to book a coaching session with Jane, visit



You're in good hands. Jane is committed to helping men to achieve their dating and relationship goals. Here is what some of her clients have said about Jane

Jane has been a huge positive influence and inspiration for my personal development and growth. Her coaching has helped me overcome some personal issues and emotional hurdles I have faced for quite some time. Jane is able to identify characteristics and stumbling blocks in ones mind and empart both wise knowledge and experience, as well as practical mental exercises to begin the corrective process so as to achieve the personal growth required to move onto a healthier mindset. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with emotional or relationship issues. Her caring nature shines through and she goes above and beyond what one would normally expect of such a professional, truly caring about the well being and progress of her clients.

"Jane, Well done, no professional has EVER made that break through. It's magic, well done and thank you, you're a magician. Linden Where, Adelaide, South Australia

Amber Petty, Media Personality "There is no one that I know of in Australia that has the breadth of knowledge in regards to relationships, more so than Jane Donovan. She just gets people on a practical and spiritual level that helps transform people's lives for the better."

Prior to having coaching with Jane I had spent a number of years looking to meet the right girl and tried what I thought was everything (internet dating, dating agencies, blind dates, you name it and I have probably tried it!). Despite all of my best intentions I had not been able to meet and make a connection with any girl that I was attracted to or had trouble forming a connection with anyone who was attracted to me. After starting coaching, Jane sat me down and asked how many women I had been on a date with and told me to my surprise that at least two or three of those ladies could have been “the one”. That lesson taught me to give more people a chance and soon afterwards I met a beautiful girl and through Jane’s coaching I was able to form a lasting connection and am now thrilled to be married to my best friend! Michael K

Having worked closely with Jane both professionally and personally I am consistently impressed and warmed by her dynamic content, positivity and effectiveness. Jane is a master of the four intelligences: IQ, EQ, SQ and BQ (mental, emotional, spiritual and body) which makes her not only a brilliant businesswoman when it comes to delivering what people want, but also a highly sensitive operator who is sensitive enough to intuit clients' needs at an astounding level. She has changed many lives and her work continues to do so at greater and more profound levels. Rebecca Dettman

Hi Jane, I just wanted to say how truly intuitive, inspiring and incredible you are! I absolutely love listening to your podcasts and find them thought provoking but also really comforting! I am so grateful to have stumbled across you! You have helped me reflect on so many different aspects of my life and guided me through some of the hardest challenges I have faced yet. Thank you!

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen on Friday. I have many unresolved issues about my time with xxxx none the least of which was her ability to move on so quickly after proffessing to love me & wanting to marry me. I've had to deal with a hurt I've never known before. Never the less, we were brought together for a reason & I know I gave it my all. I wish them well. I can't thank you enough for your understanding and sage advice. I'm so lucky & blessed to have met you. Your insight & intuition has been invaluable & I know you not only converse with Angels, you are one. Many thanks again.  Love & blessings

Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for last night. You are amazing, and I got so much out of your talk! I could have listened to you all night!! Thanks again Jane, Have a lovely weekend, Bec x

Hellooooo my gorgeous soul sisters!!! I have actually been wanting to reach out to you both for a while now. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you girls and no words will be able to express how much love I feel for you!!! You have touched my life for the better in so many ways - I feel so connected to you both it is crazy ha ha Oh my....your sensitivity podcast really hit home for me. I can 100% confirm that I am in the high high high sensitivity category and it feels great to be equipped with a bit more knowledge about it now. I am in the process of starting my own blog and nothing would make me happier than to spread the word on this topic that I feel so deeply about. I have written a draft and was hoping you wouldn't mind reading it?? I would love your blessings first before I send it out to the world. The last thing I want to do is give out wrong advice - Any feedback would be great ladies!!! Sending you the biggest hug ever right now
Love Simo xxx

I just wanted to congratulate you on your book. I recieved it last week and havent been able to put it down. It covers some areas (candidly) which is so helpful and fills in the gaps where a lot of material of this content fails to go. I love your honest writing style and have found it of great value. I would love to recommend it to some of my clients if ok? Once again thankyou Jane Susanna x